Botniaring restaurants


Paddock restaurant

Botniaring restaurant follows the track’s opening hours, otherwise open on demand. The restaurant serves the track users, local residents as well as tourists traveling from a distance. There’s a free entry to the restaurant even if the track is reserved. Only some official racing events during weekends charge an entrance fee for the whole paddock.

The restaurant offers a variety of dining and café services. For club and racing events our services include a full buffet breakfast and lunch.
We can make burger magic on our barbeque or perhaps you would like to try out our lighter and healhier options.
Á la Carte dishes available in pre-order. Special services are customized for each customer.

The restaurant offers mild alcoholic beverages.

Contact us and we will plan a tastful experience for you and your party!

Botniaring Restaurant
+358 50 347 9600

PRT Test Track restaurant

PRT Test Track restaurant is open on demand for all test track customers and nearby Villa APR customers. The restaurant prepares food according to customer’s wishes. Catering can be provided at PRT Test Track facilities or at Villa APR.  The restaurant has the rights to serve mild alcoholic beverages and has a heated terrace towards the track.

Explore PRT Test Track menu here.