Villa APR sauna and hot tub at Botniaring raceway

Enjoy a sauna and a hot tub with your friends or colleagues and watch high speed racing from the balcony or terrace in between.

Villa APR sauna

 Duration maximum 7 hours  Group size maximum 20 persons  Price 300€/evening 17-24 (sauna)  All year round
 Including towels and cleaning supplies / Recommendation for group size 1-15 persons  Available languages:  

Villa APR is a high-end rental villa next to Botniaring raceway. Villa APR has a spacious sauna section with a sauna that fits at least 10 persons at the same time. A wood burning hot tub is located outside the villa next to a stream.

Villa APR has a fully equipped kitchen where you can enjoy your own food and beverages. Catering also possible on demand.

You can see almost the whole Botniaring race track from the balcony or the terrace, so Villa APR is the perfect relaxing place for groups to enjoy!


Sauna 300 € / evening (17-24)
Sauna + hot tub 500 € / evening (17-24)

Prices include

  • Towels and cleaning supplies

Sale and additional information

Villa APR
Puh. + 358 (0)50 435 3571 (Kristiina Vaalasmaa) at 10-16
+ 358 (0)50 345 9073 (Johan Ahokas) at 10-16