Introduction flight with the Gyrocopter

Come and experience the feeling of flying free! Gyrocopter flight is an excellent e.g. birthday present or a surprise to the spouse.

 Duration 1 hour 1 person 170 € 1.5-31.9.
 Depending on the weather  Available languages 

Are you interested in flying? What do the countryside, the fields and the meadows look like from above? Come and see for yourself! Introduction flight also includes a possibility of flying on your own under supervision.

Includes 30 minutes of theory where you will go through gyrocopter’s functions, handling in theory, insurance and the emergency procedures.

Actual flight lasts about 15 minutes.

Additional information

▸Event location: Kauhajoen Lentokenttä, Tokerotie 860 Kauhajoki

▸Maximum weight is 120kg for safety reasons


170 € / person

Price includes

  • Theory class
  • 15 minutes of flying

Sale and additional information

Gyrokoulutus Oy
P. +358 (0)50 0865 224

Reservation one week before.

We reserve the rights to make changes.