Terms & conditions

Read through these Botniaring terms and conditions carefully, check an available time slot on booking calendar and send your booking request to tsto.varaukset@botniaring.fi or by filling out our booking form.


Terms & conditions for Botniaring race track

Each racing and maintenance vehicle has to have an absorption bed under vehicle. Any fluid leaks in the soil are not allowed. Track renter is responsible for any environmental issues and for monitoring that everyone follow these instructions. Any leaks must be cleaned immediately. Track company has the right to suspend or terminate the event if environmental issues are not complied. The renter is responsible for repairing any severe damages caused for the track edgings or safety areas. The grass areas should be in the same condition before and after the rental period. Driving on the grass is strictly forbidden.

Track operating times must be followed. The use of vehicles is allowed until 9pm. The renter is responsible for the track or the area during the whole reservation and has to make sure all users of the area behave according to these terms and conditions. Any damages that should occur during the reservation must be notified immediately to the staff of the track. The renter is held responsible for any damages to the track area / track equipment or environment. The person taking responsibility for the event must always be informed to the staff before the event begins.

The track area must be cleaned after a race or an event and all items borrowed from the track must be returned to their original positions. The event organizer / track renter is responsible for the track cleaning including any parts or items detached from racing vehicles or tires. The track company is entitled to charge any extra work the renter has disregarded.

Overnight stays are forbidden without a permission from the track renter. The track renter is responsible for night watch and any possible harm or damages caused by overnighters. Driving in the area happens at the driver’s or the renter’s own risk and Botniaring does not take responsibility for any driver, team member, public or vehicle injuries. Top speed in the paddock is 20 km/h. Open fire (incl. coal grills, gas grills, etc.) and smoking is strictly forbidden in any other than prescribed areas.

In addition to the track rental prices the track company can also charge the renter for electricity, waste disposal and sewage water disposal fees which will be agreed with the renter on a case to case basis.

We send out the invoice for the track reservation time 2 months in advance. The invoice must be paid by due date which verifies your reservation. If the invoice hasn’t been paid by due date the reservation will expire. In races and other bigger events the invoicing will be handled afterwards. This will always be agreed in writing when making the reservation. Possible cancellations must be sent out in writing. The will be no refund if cancellation is made after due date and the payment has already been placed.

Major race events override the existing track reservations.