Bus trip for half a day

Spend the day getting to know the farm’s animals at the animal farmyard and tasting goat milk ice cream at the goat farm. In between the stops you will be travelling easily and comfortably by the bus. During the trip you will also get to see the power plant museum adn the hut of the Jylli goblin. The trip will last approximately 4 hours.

 Duration half a day  11-60 people  Starting from 13€/person 10.6. & 15.7.
 Includes a bus ride and entry to the locations  Available languages 

Specific description of the trip

Transportation departs from Botniaring on midday of Saturday at 10.00. The bus stops at the Sälli Camping and picks up the vacationers.

Hakuni’s animal farmyard

In the bus there is room for everyone. The trip fits to all ages from children to elderly. After driving for half an hour we will arrive to the Hakuni’s animal farmyard where you get to know how, for example, sheep and goatlings live and you get to feed the rabbits, ducks and chickens. Barn cats Miina and Manu and dogs Inkku, Nalle and Lola also wish you welcome. In the courtyard there is a lot to discover and a lot of old things for those who have the desire of nostalgia.

The goat farm of Vatajanranta

After an hour of spending time with the animals the trip continues to the goat farm of Vatajanranta, where the bleating goats and the master and mistress of the house welcome the guests. While eating the delicious goat milk ice cream we’ll look around admiring the surroundings. Many guests also take the opportunity to get some excellent goat cheese to take home with them.

Electricity generation and a giant turbine and also the hut of Jylli goblin

From the goat farm the trip continues to the electricity park where in the beautiful surroundings of the old dam we find a power plant museum, summery café, a trail and also an intriguing hut of Jylli goblin with a playground. At the beautiful surroundings of the trail you can see a fold grazing.

After a small break of snacking you can take part to a guided tour which teaches you a bit of the history of electricity generation. The guided tour will last about half an hour. In the area there is also a possibility of a ponyride/horse riding. Around 1.40pm a happy bus driver horns which means it is time to go back to the Botniaring to see how the races are going and who will get the best time.

In the afternoon there is a possibility to eat in the restaurant of Botniaring, where you should go and taste the juicy Hereford- burgers.


Attention! Days of the trip: 10.6., 15.7.

10.00 Departure from Botniaring
10.05 Sälli Camping parkingspot
10.30 Hakuni’s animal farmyard
11.30 Departure from Hakuni’s animal farmyard
11.40 Goat farm of Vatajanranta
12.30 Departure from goat farm of Vatajanranta
12.40 Power plant museum of Jyllinkoski (possibility of snacking at the café)
13.40 Departure from power plant museum of Jyllinkoski
14.05 Sälli Camping parkingspot
14.10 Arrival to Botniaring


Children 0-6 yrs 13,00 €
Children 7-12 yrs 21,50 €
Adults 27,00 €

The price includes the bus ride and an entry to the locations.

Ponyride/Horse riding

3 minutes 3,00 €
10 minutes 5,00 €

Possibility of a ponyride at the area of Jyllinkoski 

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